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GYM AESTHETICS is a fashionable German fitness apparel brand, one that fully comprehends an athlete's need.

Two automobile engineers from Germany enriched the sportswear industry when they founded the fitness apparel brand GYM AESTHETICS. With products that combine technical designs, originating from the German car industry, and the emphasis of the aesthetic shape of the human body, GYM AESTHETICS promotes a progressive, healthy, positive and energetic lifestyle as well as brand ethos.

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  • Growing strong

    GYM AESTHETICS was founded in Stuttgart, Germany in June 2013. Shortly after, an enormous community built up. By Dezember 2014, the company has already attracted over 111.000 Facebook fans and got over 113.000 Youtube views.

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  • Global Expansion

    In 2017, an Asian fund company spotted the potential of GYM AESTHETICS and invested in the German brand, to further allow the global expansion in the online and offline business. The GYM AESTHETICS values remain untouched on the path of globalization, while focusing even more on innovative high-tech materials and designs. As a new chapter of the brands history has started, GYM AESTHETICS will uphold the initial spirit while further marching to an international level.

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  • A complete fitness experience

    The GYM AESTHETICS expansion strategy went beyond traditional eCommerce practices. Only three years after founding the company, four physical stores were opened in China as well as an Experience Center in Xiamen, which is connected to the local stores and thus forms a complete fitness center. The range of fitness and strength activities, combined with professional equipment and clothing should provide a successful and fulfilling fitness experience. Further Experience Centers of this kind are in the planning stage and will occupy the global market soon.

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